Value Pack- 3 Green Jugs

Three 64 oz jugs of Morning Glory Green, a ginger minty adventure created with summertime in mind. Honey sweetened and robust, Morning Glory Green features Dragonwell green tea and hydrating herbs for long hot hikes in gorgeous wildlands. Refresh your spirit with lemon grass and anise and nourish your body with earthy American ginseng, burdock, and nettle. A pinch of fuzzy friendly catnip makes those starlit twilights rolling around with good friends neverending.

Put spring into your step, bring Green into your life!

Each 64 ounce Jug is handcrafted with love in our Seattle brewery. Made from sturdy HDPE #2, the most widely recycled plastic in the world, our Jugs are reusable and bisphenol-a free for your health.

Value Pack- 3 Green Jugs
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